40 Years of Memories from our VP

A Message from Dawn LeDoux Roberts

Let’s take a little bit of a stroll…..

Back in 1979, a “young” (cough) lad had this brilliant idea, “I want to open my own insurance agency and help people.” Now most of you know, you really don’t grow up with the desire to be in insurance, you sort of fall into it. Whether it’s because of family, a friend said you should try it out, or maybe it was a stepping stone that lead to better things. For this lad, it wasn’t any of those things. Before 1979, he started with life insurance and realized that, not only was he good at selling (and maybe a little bit of B.S.ing), but he genuinely enjoyed helping people. It wasn’t long before he opened his own agency on May 29th, 1979 and called it LeDoux Insurance Agency. His primary focus when he opened was selling life insurance. By the early 80’s, he came to the realization that he could do so much more to help people so he started writing non-standard auto insurance. I believe the first company was Viking Insurance, known today as Dairyland.

Through the years the agency would grow and more companies were added, more staff was added, and by the late 90’s, we opened our 2nd office.

During the ups and downs of the business, the economy, changing of staff and companies, one thing was certain- the customer ALWAYS came first no matter what. Calls were picked up within two rings, no one waited, no one was ever busy and EVERYONE was greeted with a smile. There was a time we had our office closed for a Christmas party (late evening by the way) and he would open that door to help someone that needed auto insurance RIGHT NOW! No potential client was ever turned away regardless of their need. It was not out of the norm to get a call during Sunday dinner from a prospect needing insurance and he’d have to rush down to help that person.

There is a reason LeDoux Insurance is still going full force today, and that reason is… BOB LEDOUX.

Yes, he may buy us too much junk food when we are trying to watch our waist lines, but I think we all end up feeling a little relieved when we have had a “day” and head to the kitchen for that much needed piece (or two or three) of chocolate, rice Krispy treats, hostess cupcakes, Costco muffins, granola bars, butter cookies, or peppermint patty’s.

Today, he can be proud to say that he has built one of the largest agencies in Oregon with now 5 locations, 30+ employees and too many insurance companies to list……I say, the ride is JUST beginning, here is to 40 more years!!

Thank you Bob, Boss, President, CEO, and Dad for building a place I know I am proud to have belonged to for about ¾ of these past 40 years.  You have taught me more than you realize, the good, the bad and the ugly. i appreciate you giving me this opportunity to share in your journey.

AND Thank you to ALL of the amazing staff-you keep the wheels turning!!