2160 West 11th, STE D
Eugene, OR 97402
P: 541-683-5112
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Staff At This Location:

Andrew Kirchharr
e: akirchharr@ledouxinsurance.com
Director of IT

Christie Nelson
e: cnelson@ledouxinsurance.com
Account Manager
Personal Insurance

Dawn LeDoux Roberts
e: dlroberts@ledouxinsurance.com
Personal Insurance, Life Insurance

Heather Ferguson
e: hferguson@ledouxinsurance.com
Account Manager
Personal Insurance

Heather Trent
e: htrent@ledouxinsurance.com
Account Manager
Personal Insurance

Jan Marquardt
e: jmarquardt@ledouxinsurance.com
Admin Assistant

Jean Saxton
e: jsaxton@ledouxinsurance.com
Account Manager
Personal Insurance

Jose Delgado
e: jdelgado@ledouxinsurance.com
Account Manager
Personal Insurance, and Life & Health Insurance

Kacey LeDoux-Trent
e: kledoux@ledouxinsurance.com
Personal, and Life & Health Insurance

Lora Polk
e: lpolk@ledouxinsurance.com
Administrative Support

Lori Lee
e: llee@ledouxinsurance.com
Assistant Manager
Personal, Commercial, and Life & Health Insurance

Nick Roberts
e: nroberts@ledouxinsurance.com
Admin Assistant

Ron Bodeen
e: rbodeen@ledouxinsurance.com
Business Manager/CFO/Principal

Sheila Danner
e: sdanner@ledouxinsurance.com